Sukses Trading Emas

Passive income opportunity! 80% profit belongs to the followers!

The only requirement is to register under IB 1380015289

Capital advice:

$50 for 100% volume copying

$100 for 200% volume copying

$150 for 300% volume copying

etc. up to $500 for 1000% volume copying

*CENT accounts only

Trading Strategy:

Auto Trade with Mitrafx Bot aka The Slacker Trader

Ask us on telegram: @mitrafx

Register link:

Monitor our Mql5 here:

Let's earn more together in 2023 with ForexPeria


Peluang penghasilan pasif! 80% profit jadi milik follower!

Syaratnya hanya register under IB 1380015289 saja.

Saran modal:

$50 utk volume copying 100%

$100 utk volume copying 200%

$150 utk volume copying 300%

dst sampai $500 utk volume copying 1000%

*Khusus akun CENT

Strategi Trading:

Auto Trading dengan Robot andalan kami MitraFX Bot aka The Slacker Trader

Tanya kami di telegram: @mitrafx

Link register:

Pantau Mql5 kami disini:

Ayo bersama menghasilkan lebih banyak pada 2023 bersama ForexPeria

link copy trade

daftarkan akun trading utk dapatkan rebate di


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